KAR by Lineol

King’s African Rifles by toy maker Lineol; note – right hand missing

The figure to the right is made of ‘composition’ – a mixture of sawdust, casein, kaolin and glue moulded around a wire frame – almost certainly by German manufacturer Lineol (judging by similar figures in Andrew Rose’s book “Toy Soldiers”) sometime between the appearance of the Britains KAR figure in 1925 and the rise of Hitler in 1933.

At 70mm tall, this figure is larger than the 1/32 (54mm) scale which is the standard for most old toy soldiers and modern military models.

Being of German manufacture, this could be one of von Lettow-Vorbeck’s askari from the First World War Schutztruppe of German East Africa, but most photographs show them wearing long trousers tucked into puttees below the knee, whereas this figure has characteristically-British short trousers and the same style webbing and bayonet belt as the Britains figure, so I am confident he represents the KAR.